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Coco Cashmere

CC5560 Genevieve Jumper

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100% undyed cashmere, a delicate, natural product.  This beautiful crew neck jumper knitted in a ribbed basket weave, with plain rib finishes on the neck line, basque and cuffs.

The high quality cashmere contained in this garment has been certified according to The Good Cashmere Standard, caring for the well being of the cashmere goats, protecting the environment and supporting the herders that produce it.

The finer the fiber the softer and floater the cashmere garment, this cashmere is 15 microns, which is the finest used.  

The longer the fiber the more resistant and durable the garment will be.  Longer fibers also generate less pilling.  This garment has a fiber length of 38mms.